Keep girls in school and AIDS-free!

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Through the generosity of our donors, Lubuto was able to offer full scholarships to 53 girls in Zambia last year. We urgently need your continued support to allow these girls to continue their educations for the 2018-2019 school year! Your donation will provide tuition, school uniforms, shoes, sanitary napkins and supplies-everything our girls need to stay in school and move towards healthier and brighter futures. Please help these girls follow their dreams and give today! 

Why scholarships for girls in secondary school?

HIV disproportionately affects girls and young women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Girls account for 74% of new infections among adolescents regionally, with more than 1,000 new infections every day. Poverty, childhood marriage, gender-based violence, becoming an orphan and school drop-out all contribute to girls' vulnerability to HIV.

Education is one of the best defenses against the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS. A case study in Botswana found that just one additional year in secondary school cuts girls' risk of HIV nearly in half! Imagine the impact that completing secondary school will have on the lives and families of the at-risk girls in Zambia who receive these scholarships.

Evidence proves that empowering girls through education not only decreases the risk of HIV/AIDS, but also prevents childhood-marriage, delays childbearing, lowers infant mortality rates and increases girls' future earning power. Empowering girls to complete secondary school creates a powerful ripple effect across families and communities. Your donation and support will open new doors for girls and young women, giving them the chance to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.