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Allison's story

Four years ago when her daughter was born, Allison was forced to drop out of school. After receiving the DREAMS scholarship, she told us, “I have been so happy since I got the DREAMS scholarship because I have returned to school and lack of money is no longer a barrier to my education.” Still, being a mother means she has to work extra hard. While Allison’s mother takes care of her daughter, she cannot support them both as a subsistence farmer, so Allison works every weekend and sends the money home.

Despite the struggle, Allison dreams of being the first in her family to complete secondary school. She loves math, science, and social studies because “I easily understand them and I never fail in these subjects.” Her love of math and science are especially important as she hopes to become a nurse. “I really like their neat white uniform and I want help the wellbeing of people in my community.” In the meantime, she is enjoying everything she learns in school as well as singing in her church choir, playing netball with her friends, and braiding hair.