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Monica's story

“Before the scholarship program, I remember being so worried and stressed while studying because I knew that even if I passed my final primary exams, I would not be able to transition to secondary school because of lack of money. The DREAMS Scholarship program has changed my life. If I had not been selected, I’m definitely sure that I would be out of school by now. My single mother cannot afford to take me to school. I can now study with a free mind, without having to worry about dropping out of school.”

Monica is the oldest of four girls, and out of her whole family, only one aunty completed secondary school. Now Monica wants to be the first in her family to go to university. “I want to help people that are sick. Whenever someone is sick in my neighborhood they have to travel miles away to get treatment. The DREAMS scholarship program has given me hope to realize my dream of becoming a nurse. Before the scholarship I thought I would end up as a house help.”