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Lynn's story

When her daughter, Precious, was born 2 ½ years ago, her father refused to give her any more money for her school. Growing up in a large family, Lynn knew she would take away opportunities from her younger siblings, so she reluctantly gave in. Now 20 years old, Lynne is determined to make a better life for her daughter, even if it means starting school again at grade 8: “I really desire a better future for myself and my daughter. I have to fight and stand on my own now.”

Lynn heard about the DREAMS scholarships being offered at Lubuto Library from a neighbor and eagerly applied. “Even though my education has not been valued by some people in the past… I have always realized the importance of it. Education is the path to a better life for me and my daughter.” When Lynn heard the news that she had won a scholarship, she was completely thrilled, “I’m so happy to be back in school now. I’ve never gotten money for school before!”

Being part of the DREAMS program has made Lynn feel more confident, in herself and her future. It is the first time in her life someone has not only invested in the financial costs of her education, but also in creating a positive environment for her to grow as a person. Since entering DREAMS, Lynn has made many new friends and is surrounded by positive and uplifting people. “My new friends at school believe in me. They encourage me to stay in school and study.”

**According to the 2011 Annual Census, pregnancy is the main overall reason for girls dropping out of school in at Grades 1-9 and 10-12.