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2018 update on Patricia

Patricia just graduated from high school, and is now waiting to go to university where she wants to study nursing. "The DREAMS scholarship helped me in many ways. Firstly, I completed my high school education without struggling for school fees, uniform, school bag, books and shoes. Secondly, I have the basic education that will uplift my life from now onwards. Thirdly, the education I obtained will help me be independent so much that I will be able to sustain my children's lives and also help my family and other people in need."

Patricia's story

At 24 years old, Patricia refused to give up on her dream of graduating from secondary school.  Patricia’s education has been interrupted many times over the last 9 years–by the death of her parents, poverty, the births of her 2 children, and moving across the country to be with her brother.  “I’ve had to miss 6 years of school because of the things I’ve went through.” Now in grade 12, Patricia is on track to graduate from secondary school at the end of the year. “I don’t care what people say or think [about being 24 and in secondary school]. I’ve just had to the courage to keep going to school. I’m inspired by my children. I want to make a better life for them and for myself.“

When Patricia heard in January 2017 that Lubuto was offering school scholarships, she eagerly applied. Last year, Patricia had to miss a third of the school year because she didn’t have money for her school fees.  “The scholarship has lifted a big burden from me…. I’m not distracted when in class because I’m not worrying how I’m going to pay for school fees or even if I will be in school long enough to take the exams.”

Patricia knows firsthand how important it is for girls to be educated and able to take control over their own lives: “I really hope that [Lubuto] will increase the number of scholarships for the DREAMS program. I’ve known so many girls desperate to be in school, they just don’t have to financial support or opportunities…it’s especially very difficult in for orphans to get an education.”