Lubuto Library Partners, one of 56 winners out of more than 800 Expressions of Interest, has been awarded a DREAMS Innovation Challenge grant of nearly $800,000 to support the two-year project focused on keeping adolescent girls in secondary school.  Girls and young women account for 71% of new HIV infections among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa, with more than 1,000 new infections a day.  In response to this, DREAMS was launched in 2014 to help girls develop into Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored, and Safe women.

DREAMS Innovation Challenge


We were awarded grants from USAID’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program in 2014 and 2015 to build the fourth and fifth Lubuto libraries: the Mthunzi Library in Lusaka West with co-financing from our generous donor Judie Feedham and the Choma Library in Zambia's Southern Province, respectively. ASHA's awards go to organizations that represent the excellence and leadership of American institutions, so we are quite honored by this tribute to the quality of our work. ASHA is unique in that it solely funds construction or renovation of buildings and purchase of commodities. Since construction of Lubuto libraries is central to our mission, this is an excellent new funding source for Lubuto.

American Schools and Hospitals Abroad


After receiving an initial grant from the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA) in 2012 to evaluate the impact of our library model, we were awarded a new grant in 2013, jointly funded by OSISA and UK-based charity Comic Relief, for a project entitled "Improving access to quality education in Zambia through the Lubuto Library Model." Over three years, this support will enable us to build on our existing programs and promote our innovative model to stakeholders in Zambia and around the world. Under this project, we were also able to establish the first rural Lubuto library, the Mumuni Library in Zambia's Southern Province


OSISA and Comic Relief


We were one of 32 organizations chosen worldwide—out of more than 450 applications—to receive an All Children Reading (ACR) Grand Challenge for Development grant in 2012. The ACR Partnership–USAID, World Vision and AusAID–sought solutions to improve reading skills for children in the early grades to reach their goal of getting 100 million children reading by 2015. In serving Zambia’s marginalized young people, Lubuto identified very low literacy levels among the population it serves. Experts had established that children need to learn to read first in their mother tongue. The ACR award provided the opportunity for Lubuto, with the support of World Vision, to create more than 100 computer-based reading lessons for each of seven local Zambian languages. The lessons follow the new national reading curriculum and thus extend learning beyond the classroom, to computers and mobile devices used anywhere.

All Children reading


Dow Jones and Company and its employees very generously provided Lubuto with a corporate gift to cover construction costs of Ngwerere Library in 2010. Dow Jones employee book donations and a foundation grant together funded the collection and staff training for the new library as well. In a congratulatory letter to the children served by Ngwerere Library, Dow Jones' CEO stated that he wanted the library to "be a resource for your curiosity and your dreams. We want the words we now share to be a starting point on a journey of knowledge and learning that carries you forward in your lives."


   Dow Jones

Other Partners


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Fighting Aids

Adolescent girls and young women represent over 70% of new HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa, but research also demonstrates that each additional year a girl spends in secondary school reduces her likelihood of contracting HIV. LLP’s focus groups have shown that many girls in the libraries' service areas drop out of secondary school due to lack of financial resources and/or are pressured by families, peers, or sexual partners into early marriage or transactional sex as forms of financial support, greatly increasing their risk of contracting HIV. Others face negative familial attitudes that restrict their educational possibilities by requiring them to work, perform household chores, or provide childcare for children/siblings instead of attending school.

The DREAMS target is achieving a 40 percent reduction in new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women in the highest-burden areas of 10 sub-Saharan African countries by the end of 2017. LLP’s approach under DREAMS recognizes that keeping girls in school is not enough to prevent HIV; girls’ success requires knowledge and skills and the determination to succeed.  The following are a few of our programs that give girls the necessary knowledge, skills and determination:



LLP has supported 50 adolescent girls and young women with full secondary school scholarship support through a crowdsourced fundraising platform established under DREAMS-IC. These comprehensive scholarships include tuition, books, uniforms, school supplies, feminine hygiene products, and tutoring.

Health Programs

Through LLP’s public libraries, children and youth of all ages and backgrounds are offered free, confidential access to unbiased sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and referral services. Under DREAMS, LLP has expanded its 4,000+ volume book collections to include a range of high-quality international titles focused on SRH, female leadership, HIV prevention, gender-based violence prevention, and girls’ education. Children and youth also have free access to internet in Lubuto Libraries, with a user-friendly internet portal available to help them locate and access quality online informational resources, including health materials. Staff also provide referrals for many health related questions and interests of Lubuto patrons both male and female.