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Mable's story

Mable was searching for a quiet place to do homework when she first discovered Lubuto. Now she can be found studying or helping the Lubuto staff clean up and put away books, but she will never pass by a chance to watch her favorite movie, ‘Hotel Transylvania’. While very shy and reserved, Mable has an impressive confidence and passion when she talks about school: “When a girl gets a scholarship it doesn’t just help her, it helps her entire family. The DREAMS scholarship has made a big difference in my family’s life.” So many families in Zambia don’t have the money to send all their children to school, which means some kids get left out and sadly it is often girls. In Zambia, approximately 1 and 3 girls don’t make the transition from free primary schools to paid secondary school, where fees are just too expensive.

While she feels support from her parents, Mable sometimes feels like people don’t believe in her future and her aspirations and it makes her feel sad.  Mable explained, “Girls are taught that education is not for them, that their place is in the home. The DREAMS program is important because it is helping girls have self-confidence. It helps girls believe that they should be in school and can do what boys do. It helps them believe in themselves.” Mable wants to help other girls believe in themselves, not give up, and stay in school.