Newsletter Index

Issue #71 (March 2017) "Lubuto's DREAMS kickoff celebration"
Issue #70 (February 2017) "Lubuto's fourth library collection launched to Zambia!"
Issue #69 (January 2017) "Building community support and making girls' DREAMS come true"
Issue #68 (November 2016) "Lubuto awarded a DREAMS Innovation Challenge grant to support the two-year project"
Issue #67 (October 2016) "Supporting African Publishers"
Issue #66 (July 2016) "Connecting Lubuto Libraries to the world; an orphan in Lusaka shares his story"
Issue #65 (May 2016) "Kudos for Kasonde!"
Issue #64 (April 2016) "Mumuni's wide magnetic draw"
Issue #63 (March 2016) "The Lubuto model embraced in Zambia’s development agenda"
Issue #62 (February 2016) "Serving Zambia's deaf youth"
Issue #61 (January 2016) "Our new website!"
Issue #61 (December 2015) "Groundbreaking for the Mthunzi Library!"
Issue #60 (November 2015) "Lubuto turns 10!"
Issue #59 (October 2015) "2006 Breaking Ground" 
Issue #58 (August 2015) "Elizabeth Giles joins our Zambia team!" 
Issue #57 (July 2015) "Lubuto celebrates its 10th anniversary!"
Issue #56 (June 2015) "Focus on Lubuto Volunteers"
Issue #55 (May 2015)  "National Symposium on the Zambia Library Service and Library Information Policy and Bill"
Issue #54 (April 2015) "Focus on staff training and education"
Issue #53 (March 2015) "Focus on Lubuto outreach"
Issue #52 (February 2015) "710 LubutoLiteracy lessons completed and ready to launch"
Issue #51 (January 2015) "Our fourth library!"
Issue #50 (November/December 2014) "Lubuto enters rural Zambia!"
Issue #49 (October 2014) "Our 2013 Annual Report is now available"
Issue #48 (September 2014) "LubutoDrama as effective reading promotion"
Issue #47 (August 2014) "Early lessons from Mumuni Library"
Issue #46 (July 2014) "Lubuto Collection Research"
Issue #45 (June 2014) "Traditional Storytelling Event"
Issue #44 (May 2014) "A Leader for African Libraries"
Issue #43 (April 2014) "New Staff Member: Imanga Kayama"
Issue #42 (March 2014) "Lubuto's Reach"
Issue #41 (February 2014) "Christie Vilsack visits Lubuto"
Issue #40 (January 2014) "Lubuto staff come together"
Issue #39 (November 2013) "Construction Begins"
Issue #38 (October 2013) “LubutoArts Participants Paint Murals”
Issue #37 (September 2013) “Children show in pictures how Lubuto Libraries have changed their lives”
Issue #36 (August 2013) “Further developing the skills of our youth”
Issue #35 (July 2013) “Coming Soon Lubuto Library #3"
Issue #34 (June 2013) "Moving Forward for Zambia's Youth!"
Issue #33 (May 2013) "Getting All Children Reading with LubutoLiteracy
Issue #32 (April 2013)"New Staff in Zambia: Precious Chisebuka"
Issue #31 (March 2013)“Etoys Training Workshop for All Children Reading LubutoLiteracy Project”
Issue #30 (February 2013)“Girls in the Limelight as Rosa Parks”
Issue #29 (January 2013)“Youth to Learn OLPC Repair”
Issue #28 (November 2012)“LubutoMentoring Changing Children's Lives”
Issue #27 (October 2012) “Lubuto Joins DC Colleagues to Show the Difference We Make-- To Youth and their Societies”
Issue #26 (September 2012) “Lubuto Wins USAID Contest for Innovative Literacy Solutions”
Issue #25 (August 2012) “Creating Community”
Issue #24 (July 2012) “U.N. Secretary General Visits the Lubuto Library”
Issue #23 (June 2012) “Lubuto’s Founder Receives International Librarianship Award”
Issue #22 (March 2012) “Lubuto Receives OSISA Grant”
Issue #21 (November 2011) “U.S. Library Professionals Contribute Finishing Touches to LubutoLiteracy Lessons”
Issue #20 (August 2011) "Lubuto creates new literacy tools in seven Zambian languages"
Issue #19 (April 2011) “Ngwerere Library had 7,025 Visits in its First Month”
Issue #18 (December 2010) “Successful Opening of Ngwerere Lubuto Library on 10 November”
Issue #17 (October 2010) “Lubuto Library at Ngwerere School to Officially Open November 10!”
Issue #16 (July 2010) “Lubuto’s OLPC Zambian Language Literacy Project is Underway”
Issue #15 (May 2010) “Danny Glover Raises Support for Lubuto Libraries”
Issue #14 (January 2010) – Announcement of Jane Meyers’ Presentation at the World Bank
Issue #13 (December 2009) “Holiday Thoughts: Lessons from Zambia”
Issue #12 (October 2009) “Save the Date! April 15, 2010-- Danny Glover in Support of Lubuto Libraries”
Issue #11 (September 2009) “Appealing for Your Help”
Issue #10 (June 2009-SLA Centennial Edition) “A Few Words from the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Leadership”
Issue #9 (November 2008) “Lubuto Cited as a Model Library Project”
Issue #8 (August 2008) “Meet Vasco, the First Lubuto Librarian”
Issue #7 (May 2008) “Connecting Children with Adults Who Care”
Issue #6 (September-October 2007 Special Edition) “Lubuto Library Opens”
Issue #5 (August 2007) “President Kenneth Kaunda to Open First Lubuto Library”
Issue #3(October 2006) “The First Lubuto Library Nears Completion”
Issue #2 (May 2006) “Work on the First Lubuto Library Begins!”
Issue #1 (October 2005) “We’re Official: Incorporated, a 501(c)(3), and an official NGO in Zambia!”