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Newsletter #35 - Click here for PDF version                                                 July 2013

Bringing knowledge and enlightenment to Africa's most vulnerable children and youth

Lubuto's 2011-2012 annual report now available

Our 2011-12 annual report is now available online! As we did with our 2010 report we will not be printing hard copies, to conserve paper and devote more of our financial resources to our mission. The theme of this two-year report is 'building community.' We are proud of our accomplishments and humbled by the role our libraries have played in the lives of children and youth in Lusaka. Please view and download the PDF version.

Early lessons learned about LubutoLiteracy's impact

Lubuto's Program Manager, Precious, interviewed teachers and caregivers of children who have been using our LubutoLiteracy lessons in the Ngwerere Lubuto Library to learn to read in their mother tongues. This particular group focused on children who are in school because we have already seen the dramatic impact of this program on out-of-school children. Participants explained that not only has children's reading improved but other literacy-dependent learning and the general desire to learn have accelerated as well. One teacher was so impressed with how the lessons helped one of her students that she is encouraging her other young students to start using LubutoLiteracy lessons. And what we have learned is that the LubutoLiteracy program can help classroom teachers and schoolchildren along with those not in schools.

Coming soon: Lubuto Library #3!

Planning and preparations for the third Lubuto Library in the Southern Province are in full swing, and we plan to break ground in August. Eleni traveled to the library site and met with Rosemary, our liaison person with the local community. Together with Rosemary and our partner organization Matantala, Eleni is identifying the contributions that the community can make to the construction, such as river and building sand and elephant grass. The next trip will include travel to homesteads to meet with local craftspeople.

Moses: from participation to ownership

As In our 2011-12 annual report we tell the story of Moses Zyambo up until the point where he finished our EIFL-funded LubutoLiteracy pilot project. Well, now halfway through 2013, young Moses continues to grow, and to astonish us! Moses impressed the leaders of our All Children Reading workshops on OLPC repair and advanced Etoys programming and is now being trained to do the sound recordings for the LubutoLiteracy lessons, in a small room in the Lubuto office that has been converted into a recording studio. Although he has always struggled in school, Moses is an enthusiastic and fast learner in a supportive educational environment that focuses on his interests, learning style and strengths. He is currently engrossed with discovering the science behind sound and even studying and preparing at home for the recording sessions. We anticipate the launch of a career that will contribute much to technological innovation in Zambia — and a fulfilled and successful life for Moses. Moses' example shows how important it is to genuinely involve young people in designing and implementing programs that impact them, as well as the ability of libraries to support multiple intelligences that may not thrive in formal and often rigid educational systems.

Meet the Lubuto community: Henry

Henry, 12, is a double orphan and lives with his grandmother in Garden Compound. Henry's grandmother is very poor, so sometimes she cannot afford to pay for him to go to the barber, or make the contribution to cleaning products that all children have to make at school. This means that Henry is sometimes banned from lessons, if his hair is too long or if he hasn't been able to pay his cleaning contribution. However, he is a regular visitor to the Ngwerere Lubuto Library and takes part in as many programs as he can fit in around his schooling and other commitments. He was one of the first children to complete all 100 LubutoLiteracy lessons, and when he received his award for doing so his grandmother came with him to collect it, whooping with joy and dancing in celebration!

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Volunteer of the Month

Angela Flottemesch is Lubuto's Volunteer of the Month for July.

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Emmanuel Chisuntu's Art

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