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Lubuto’s partnerships with library professionals in Zambia and worldwide—particularly with the Zambian government—ensure that our efforts to strengthen and expand librarianship in the country and region are effective. It has been especially important in an environment that previously offered no children and youth library services or training that, through cooperation and partnership, youth services be understood, owned and sustained.  

Collaborative partnerships with arts, health, ICT and other organizations enrich libraries through development of new programs, services and resources. In turn, partner agencies gain by using the library as a platform to reach their intended audiences. Relevant programming, integrated with a library’s collection, services and outreach, are what makes a successful and impactful library. 

A preservation effort Lubuto embarked upon several years ago has led us to pursue a unique partnership with the Zambian Education Publishing House (ZEPH) that will support their sales of reprinted Zambian literature. While Lubuto libraries’ policy is to include 100% of what is published for young people in Zambia, that literature is scarcely in print in Zambian languages. In discussion with ZEPH’s publishing and marketing officials we established that the digital editions Lubuto is working to preserve not only would not hurt sales of the reprinted books but, along with stocking them in non-circulating Lubuto libraries, would actually promote knowledge of and sales of the books.

While librarians and publishers have traditionally been natural partners, the advent of ebooks has strained the traditional relationship in some areas. We are happy to present an example of how a digitization project actually forged a new partnership between a publishing house and a library, to the benefit of all.

Zambian Educational Publishing House


The Zambia Library Service (ZLS), part of Zambia's educational ministry, manages the public library network throughout Zambia and assists other organizations by providing library and information services.  Lubuto formalized its partnership with the Ministry and the Zambia Library Service in a 2008 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that identified Lubuto as a crucial National Partner in attaining the Millennium Development Goals. ZLS has long recognized the value of their partnership with us in strengthening their support within their Ministry and asked us if we could build Lubuto libraries along with ZLS libraries in each of Zambia’s provinces. In May, 2014 we signed an amended MOU with the Ministry outlining further details of how Lubuto and ZLS will work together to extend high quality library services to youth through Lubuto libraries at each of the provincial ZLS Libraries.

Zambia Library Service

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