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Stephen Kangungu

Library Technician

Stephen began working for Lubuto Library Partners as a caretaker in 2010 before any member of staff was recruited at Ngwerere Lubuto LIbrary. While being a caretaker, he was trained how to do shelving and shelf reading and facilitating the one Laptop per Child (OLPC) after he did some training. He learned so quickly because the task was interesting to him as it was an opportunity for self-development and learning. After a series of trainings at Lubuto Library Partners, he was appointed to be a Library supervisor while Lubuto's head office in Zambia was doing the recruitment for the trained staff to be based at Ngwerere Lubuto Library. 

With the trainings Stephen acquired at Lubuto Library partners, he was officially given a position as Library Technician. He gets the most inspired by Lubuto programs and services and has developed friendships with most of the children he works with. He also appreciates Lubuto for setting up such a modern Library within the underprivileged community, he feels that many children are benefiting from the services including his own children. Stephen dreams of going back to school someday to get a greater understanding of the library field.