At the core of Lubuto libraries is a seemingly simple but transformative idea: that all young people should have safe spaces to grow, learn, imagine, and be supported in navigating they challenges they face. This is especially true for children and youth for whom home or school does not offer that space, and for those who find themselves on the margins.

Like the best libraries around the world, Lubuto libraries offer far more than carefully curated collections of books and other resources. If you have the good fortune of visiting a Lubuto library, you will see young readers discovering new places and ideas. You will see amazing creativity as girls and boys hone their skills in art, drama, technology, and much more through Lubuto’s diverse programs. You will see fiercely dedicated staff and volunteers from the local community serving as storytellers, mentors, and advocates. You will see a place where children from difficult circumstances can simply be children.

I’ve had the privilege of being part of Lubuto for more than a decade, first as a graduate student eager to learn about innovative models for supporting the most vulnerable children, then as a volunteer, as a member of the incredible staff in Zambia, and now as a member of the Board of Directors. In that time, I’ve seen Lubuto evolve and grow and continuously learn from the children, youth, and communities we serve. I’ve listened to young people tell their stories of what Lubuto libraries have meant to them, and I’ve seen how the libraries have supported their rights to education, health, protection, and safety.

I invite you to join me—and Lubuto’s global network of donors, volunteers, and champions—in this important and powerful effort. Our recurring donors make our work and our impact possible. You can use the Donate link on our website to set up a donation and it's easy to make this a monthly or quarterly check or debit from your bank account. Your support can change lives!