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Make a donation in the form of a stock transfer

To make a donation in the form of a stock transfer, you can transfer the stock to our account (# 493381439, DTC [Depository Trust Corporation] # 0188) at TD Ameritrade.

Lubuto Library Partner's Tax ID is 13-4294962. Our broker can be reached directly at:

            TD Ameritrade
            PO Box 2760
            Omaha, NE 68103-2760
            Fax: 866-468-6268

As you know, it is more advantageous for you to make your gift with highly appreciated stock rather than cash because you save the capital gains tax that a sale would precipitate, in addition to receiving your tax donation.

We will send you an acknowledgment for your tax records reflecting the charitable gift valuation and the mean value of your stock on the day of transfer, once we receive notification from the broker about the transfer. Gifts like these are crucial to Lubuto’s work. We are enormously grateful for your help.

Please let us know when you make your gift and we will inform you once the funds have been transferred to us.