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Brendah Mkandawire

Family Literacy Program Assistant/Librarian

Brendah joined Lubuto in 2012 as a program facilitator for mentoring, drama while also being involved in outreach on a part time basis. In November of 2013, Brendah was employed as a full time facilitator of the mentoring program and other library programs. Professionally, Brendah has a certificate in Record Management. She acquired facilitation and management skills through her participation in various workshops which have helped her work effectively with children.  

Before she joined Lubuto, Brendah worked with Africa Kid Safe which was under a Project Concern International (PCI) as an outreach officer working with orphans and vulnerable children on and off the street. Working in the library has helped her develop an interest in reading and understanding how illiteracy levels have contributed to a lack of integral human development. Through story time and mentoring programs, for example, she hopes to encourage more children to develop an interest in reading.  

Having worked with vulnerable children for a long time, especially those from the street and community, Brendah realized that the power inside a person to improve their life is greater than the power inside the environment that they live in today. Given the opportunity, she believes that each child has the capacity to thrive and realize their potential.