Lucky Changula


October's Volunteer of the Month is Lucky Changula, who has been volunteering at the Lubuto Model Library since he first visited in 2015. He is one of Lubuto's most dedicated volunteers, and it is rare that a day goes by in which he does not visit the library. Although Lucky has a disability that prevents him from speaking, he communicates well with staff and children using body language and sign language. He helps to keep order and direct children during programs such as mentoring, LubutoLiteracy, and movies. Besides volunteering, Lucky also enjoys listening to storytimes, watching Friday movies, and spending time with the many friends he has made at the library. His favorite books are The Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe it or Not! Lucky lives in Garden Compound with his brother. His brother tells us that it was the happiest day of Lucky's life when he was given a Lubuto t-shirt, and that he loves spending time at the library because nobody looks down on him there.