Lubuto Library Project Moving Forward

In the last few weeks we've had some very important meetings at the Lubuto Library Project in Zambia. First I was invited to the work planning meeting, where the management team scheduled all the work that Lubuto will be doing on all of its projects and programs over the next year. There will be a lot happening, and there is lots to achieve!

Second, we had a Program Planning meeting last week, where every member of the Lubuto team came together to discuss ideas, iron out issues, and share the successes of each of our program areas. It was quite amazing to see how Lubuto has grown over the last year, with more and more people becoming involved and sharing their expertise.

Then, the following day, we had a meeting with some new volunteers at the Lubuto office. I have been working recently on recruiting new volunteers to help in all areas of our work, and we had a very good meeting welcoming 3 new ladies to the team - one in each of the libraries and one who will be volunteering in the office. It was really great to get their input and ideas, see their enthusiasm, and know that they will be working to support our vulnerable young people.