Zip Zap Boing

This week the school term starts again so the library is getting busier. Some of my little friends from last term have reappeared which is good, and one little girl was following me everywhere the other day - even to the loo! The next day she brought her friend and her friend's baby brother to the library - I ended up with a sleeping little boy attached to my hip while the two girls went off to play! I wished I had a chitenge with me so I could have tied him onto my back like the local women do. It would certainly have saved my arms. This morning was the busiest time I have ever seen in the library. I'm not even sure why! But by lunchtime alone, the sign-in sheet was full of names and the programmes of the morning included 3 Lubutostorytimes, group counselling, two arts activities, Lubutolaptops, and a meeting for visitors in the talking circle. Plus various impromptu games and songs that had been going on all morning (what would we do without 'ZipZapBoing'?!). Luckily this afternoon is a little bit quieter; I had a brilliant morning but don't think I could have continued that level of activity all day!

 PS I was filmed doing a LubutoStorytime for the TV news last week. I mumbled my way through my interview and was very glad that nobody I know actually saw the broadcast!