Advisory Board Member Mark Chona—An Appreciation

On May 24th 2017, we visited Mr. Chona to thank him for all that he has done for Lubuto

Here is what we said:

Mr. Chona appreciation play

From the beginning, you knew libraries would truly bring enlightenment to Zambia's future generations. You and Vicky brought us to a place named Nabukuyu to teach us. We learned that enlightenment is mumuni. We learned from the people of Nabukuyu what they wanted and needed. We were humbled to considered how we could help.

Back in Lusaka, you pushed hard to gain support for these libraries for children from people high and low. You helped us at every turn. You brought the First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda's support! You even pushed us to build the second library in lusaka, instead of Nabukuyu, because more people would see there and be enlightened.


But eventually, with your help, the time and resources came so we could focus on Mumuni Library. Such excitement build in the community! Finally the library was ready to open. You told us there were so many children in the area, and that they would come. And oh they did! What a great opening celebration it was! Eight years of hard work, dedication and dreams came to life.

The children of Nabukuyu obviously love their library, some even walking 15km to come to it. And we were humbled to learn that Elizabeth Colson did too.

But you weren't finished. You brought us Mr. Hademu and Choma Children Development Project for the fifth library. And that led to meeting the final need: sustainability for the Mumuni Libraries. We owe it all to you!

With appreciation and love on behalf of all children who find enlightenment in their libraries.

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