Kenneth Hau

Outreach/Drama Coordinator

Kenneth is passionate about working with children, especially those in need. Having spent part of his own childhood living on the street before getting back into school, he joined Project Concern International (PCI) as an outreach officer for Africa KidSafe after graduating from secondary school in 2005. He then worked at Fountain of Hope and eventually became the outreach manager. During that time, he obtained certificates in BQCC and psychological counseling from Kara Counseling and Training Centre, in first aid from the Red Cross, and in several other areas related to working with children. In 2007, Kenneth joined the theatre company Barefeet, reaching out to street children through music, dance, and drama. He then joined Lubuto Library Partners, where he has continued to work in drama and outreach, as well as becoming a Lubuto mentor. Kenneth has seen thousands of children’s lives changed in positive ways through those programs, and he maintains his enthusiasm and energy for connecting more and more children with Lubuto libraries’ services.