Dear Friends:

I am relatively new to Lubuto. I would like to share with you what drew me to this organization.

I am Zambian and was born in Lusaka. I grew up in a country full of promise and a vibrant hopeful future. The foundations for our hopeful future was a strong education system, and I am a beneficiary of a public school system that was prioritized through strong financing by the government. I am grateful for the high quality public education I went through from elementary school to high school in Zambia.

We face a very different reality today in Zambia — the rise in private schools underlies the disparity in resources available to public schools in the current environment. Organizations like Lubuto play a very important role in providing access to books in the library network. These learning environments for children perk their curiosity, and nurture the potential that lies within, opening up pathways to positive lives!! A very productive alternative to what would otherwise be.

I still remember being able to walk into a well stocked public library in my youth and wish for us to afford young children today the same opportunity. Youth are our future!!

I invite you to take the time to browse through the website to see how Lubuto libraries have made a real difference in young people’s lives.

I hope that you will join us in our quest to positively impact young lives by making a donation to help make a difference in their access to resources and Lubuto-related programs. Please use the link below to make your donation.

Thanking you in advance for your time and any donations to support Lubuto!