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Enesto Mwale

Art Associate

Enesto was one of the first beneficiaries of Lubuto Libraries in 2007 at the Fountain of Hope Lubuto Library. He then started volunteering as a library assistant from 2008 to 2009. Later on, Ernesto was fully involved in graphic design for literacy lessons and trainings relating to the same program. In 2009, Ernesto was awarded a fully sponsored program by Lubuto Library Partners to do a course in Visual Arts at the Visual Arts Council of Zambia (VAC) which he says was one rare opportunity.  Some of his art work has been exhibited at many galleries, which include the Stella Jones Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States in 2011, Henry Tayali Gallery in Lusaka in 2009 and Start Foundation Gallery Exhibition. Enesto has done many exhibitions with Start Foundation Gallery Exhibition and eventually attended an international workshop for International Artists Trust organized by the same organization in 2011. 

Enesto completed 12th grade in 2015 from Lusaka secondary school. He currently serves as an art associate at Lubuto Library Partners' model library. Enesto is so passionate about art and he feels that art is not just a hobby for him but something he wishes to take up as a career. Art has always inspired him and he wants to share his experiences with the children he works with and to build a future generation of artists with them.