Enesto Mwale

arts associate

Enesto was one of the first beneficiaries of the Lubuto Library Programs in 2007 at Fountain of Hope Lubuto Library. He volunteered as a library assistant from 2008-2009 and became a designer for LLP’s ACR LubutoLiteracy classes as well as assisting in their use in the libraries. In 2009, Enesto was awarded a scholarship by Lubuto to take a course in visual arts at the Visual Arts Council of Zambia (VAC). His art work has been exhibited in many galleries, including the Stella Jones Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA), the Henry Tayali Gallery in Lusaka, and the stART Foundation Gallery. In 2015, Enesto completed grade 12 at Lusaka Secondary School. He is passionate about art, and he wants to share his experience with the children he works with to build future generations of artists in Zambia.