Lubuto changes children's lives. I've seen our impact first-hand in my travels in Zambia and I have met the children whose lives are immeasurably better through Lubuto programs and libraries.

I wish everyone could walk in my sandals and experience what I did on a Lubuto outreach walkabout. A group of about six boys were living in a junk car. Their days spent mostly looking for food and money while other inhabitants in the compound of abandoned vehciles sniffed glue. They had no family except each other and their bonds were tight. So tight in fact that when I asked a boy of about 14 if he wanted to go to one of our libraries for help, he urged me to help a younger boy of about 8. Lubuto helped both.

Lubuto's libraries, programs, and outreach have helped over 150,000 children and youth. Our libraries have had over 1.5 million visits. We have changed the course of the lives of street kids. We are empowering young girls. We are fighting early marriage. We are helping young people break the limits of illiteracy. We nuture young artists and encourage young thespians.

It's not easy to save children's lives but we do. And, we do this on a well-managed budget. We are a grant-driven organization right now but are making a concerted effort for more individual donors.

I believe so much in Lubuto and our good works that I am a volunteer on the board of directors and a recurring monthly donor. Think about donating ( and saving children's lives with me.