Ambassador Barbara Chilangwa

Executive Advisor, CAMFED Zambia

Ambassador Chilangwa’s current position as the Executive Advisor of CAMFED Zambia was predated by her positions as Ambassador to the Republic of Angola and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education. The chairperson of the Zambia Board, Ambassador Chilangwa’s first direct contact with a Lubuto library was during the first meeting for the local board in the Ngwerere Library after almost ten years of following Lubuto’s efforts. There, she learned about the different opportunities the children at the Lubuto libraries have, including reading, working on computers, listening to stories in their local languages, playing, and just being children. This experience sparked excitement in her, which has continued to her role as a member of the Zambia Board.

“I was awed by the number of children inside and around the library area, an indication that there was a force or magnet drawing the children to the area and going inside the library. There was no doubt in my mind as to why this was the case.”