What We Do

What I find most inspiring about Lubuto is that children who have lived their lives in the margins suddenly find themselves at the centre - and learn that they deserve to be there. The vitality, openness and beauty of the libraries is such a stark contrast to their daily lives. Stacy Langner

Lubuto Library Partners' goal is to create a path for all children and youth to achieve their potential as happy, healthy and productive members of their communities. For OVCY (orphans and vulnerable children and youth) who are partially or wholly disconnected from social institutions, Lubuto Libraries provide a route to reconnection by offering a safe center, providing resources and services that meet children's needs, working with existing community-based programs and services, and operating as an open community platform. Lubuto Libraries add to the social safety net through welcoming traditional-style buildings, caring staff and active outreach and programs. Lubuto Libraries are adaptive to community needs and employ a holistic approach, providing culturally relevant resources and support to OVCY and integrating them with their society, history and cuture.

Lubuto Libraries provide an efficient solution through a customized platform to address the most important needs of the communities that they serve.  The core Lubuto Library framework provides:

  • safe, accessible and welcoming spaces

  • professional expertise and leadership in library systems and programming

  • information, education and literacy resources and servicesand connections to formal education

  • psychosocial support encompassing social integration and leadership development

  • avenues for creative expression and learning suited to individual needs and aptitudes

  • outreach and community integration