Volunteer to Build Lubuto Library Collections in Washington, DC

Lubuto needs volunteers in Washington, DC to select, process and catalog books for the collections that we build on an ongoing basis. Your involvement is critical to our mission, and it is also fun to get together around beautiful children’s books, thinking about how wonderful they will be for the users of Lubuto libraries. You will meet friends and share Lubuto’s exciting developments.

We meet each Sunday from 2-5pm in the basement of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in NW Washington, approximately one block south of Politics and Prose book store, on the opposite side of Connecticut Avenue:


St. Paul's Lutheran Church
4900 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008

The entrance to the room where we work on the Lubuto collection is near the corner of 36th and Everett Streets, N.W., on the side of the church facing Connecticut Avenue. We place a sign outside the door to help you find us.

Many people can only come for part of the 2-5pm time, which is perfectly fine. There's always plenty to do and we'll be glad to see you there. Lubuto is a great organization, and your contribution as a volunteer will be highly valued. We only ask that you commit to coming on a fairly regular basis once you have learned our cataloging and processing protocols and collection guidelines.

If you can bring a WiFi-enabled laptop to work on it would be appreciated, but we do have a few laptops that can be used if you can’t bring one. If you would rather not work on a computer doing classifying and cataloging during the session, there are other tasks to complete. Please fill out the form below if you would like to join us. Thanks for your help in moving Lubuto forward.

The church is set back off of Connecticut Avenue. Please use the side entrance on Everett Street, to the right of the church if you are standing in front of it. You'll see the Lubuto banner on the door.