Publishers/book donation programs

"Book Donation Programmes for Africa: Time for a Reappraisal" (Part I)- article by Hans Zell on book donation programs in Africa

"Book Donation Programmes for Africa" (Part II, in French)

"Indigenous publishing in Africa – the need for research, documentation, and collaboration"- article by Hans Zell

"The Other Famine"- article by Hans Zell on the book famine of Africa

"African Publishing Coming of Age"- a review essay by Hans Zell

International Alliance of independent publishers

Jacana Media- African publishing specializing in a range of different books

Cover2Cover- a small independent South African publisher, publishing fiction for children and young adults

Books for the other 90%- a group whose aim is to update local print facilities and help develop a sustainable book chain

Cassava Republic- small publisher headquartered in Nigeria

African Books Collective- a non-profit Oxford-based, worldwide marketing and distribution outlet for 2,500 print titles from Africa

Biblionef South Africa- an organization whose goal is to provide access to good storybooks to children

Africa Book Club- a club whose goal is to tell Africa's diverse and rich stories