Lubuto mentoring programs focus on sexual and reproductive health education, gender equity, leadership development, and values, with a particular focus on reaching adolescent girls and OVCY (orphans and vulnerable children and youth). Health services are promoted through on-site HIV testing and counseling conducted by partner clinical service providers, and linkages to other service providers for post-gender-base-violence care and counseling. The libraries also serve as platforms for health-related programming facilitated by outside organizations seeking to reach highly stigmatized groups, including youth living with HIV and young mothers. Maternal and child health programming focuses on antenatal care, maternal mental health and child health and nutrition.

In addition to the established programs listed above, LLP develops new, locally sustainable programs based on community needs and interests. Programs in development include:

  • expanded early childhood education programming that incorporates parenting education

  • non-formal educational pathways to employment for out-of-school youth, including programs to obtain a General Certificate of Education (GCE) and job-seeking skills

  • environmental awareness and protection programming

  • digital literacy programming focused on blind and visually impaired youth