Model programs

Lubuto Libraries' approach recognizes that OVCY (orphans and vulnerable children and youth) have the right and need to become educated, fulfilled and productive members and leaders of their communities. Lubuto Libraries effectively and efficiently address the factors that limit their personal growth and place in the community by providing library resources and services of the highest professional standard: comprehensive collections of both print and digital media, complemented by enriching programming delivered by the libraries and links to social services.

The participation of every level of society together in programs promotes connection in the community. The programs provide a setting in which girls and children with disabilities can be fully integrated in non-stigmatizing ways, strengthening ties between OVCY and their communities. Programs are a frequent entry point for young people who would otherwise never visit a library, and many children find such value in Lubuto Libraries that they visit every day.

Lubuto's approach to programming is highly resource-efficient. Local partners provide the resources that support operational continuity, and help ensure sustainability. Lubuto works with the library host organizations to develop cost-effective, community-supported programming of specific community interest, and works with national public and private institutions to provide resources (e.g. free Internet) on a national level.