Performing Arts

Kenny Hau and Ndala Bukolo lead programs in drama, improvisation, and adapting books and stories for performance in Lusaka and Nabakuyu, respectively. On the important role this program plays in the children’s lives, actor (and Lubuto supporter) Danny Glover noted that it “reinforces their sense of themselves and re-establishes a different confidence in them. Like my own experiences in acting when I was young, it sets something in motion … a way to organize the emotional life within you. To watch these young people engaging in that and claiming it for themselves is very special.” Hear Danny Glover tell how theater empowers vulnerable children.

In addition to drama offerings, Lubuto has also developed music programs for young people. Many children really enjoy drumming, which prompted the introduction of LubutoBeats. More recently Ed Rumsey—a trained musician and beloved Ngwerere Library volunteer—helped to expand music program offerings. He has been teaching music basics (i.e. rhythm, scales, etc...), which has been very well received by participants. Ed has been delighted by how naturally gifted many of the children are, and is excited to continuing to offer this popular program.