Key International Partners


USAID American Schools and Hospitals Abroad

We were awarded a grant from USAID’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program in 2014 to build the fourth Lubuto Library. The ASHA award of nearly $250,000, with $100,000 co-financing from our generous donor Judie Feedham, will support the creation of a Lubuto library at the Mthunzi Center, located in peri-urban Lusaka West. USAID’s ASHA program provides grants to schools, hospitals, and libraries abroad that demonstrate the ideas, innovations, and best practices of the United States in health and education. The awards go to organizations that represent the excellence and leadership of American institutions, so we are quite honored by this tribute to the quality of our work. ASHA is unique in that it solely funds construction or renovation of buildings and purchase of commodities. Since construction of Lubuto libraries is central to LLP’s mission, this is an excellent funding source for Lubuto, for our fourth and, we hope, future libraries.

Comic Relief

 a UK-based charity jointly funded a grant for us with OSISA. Over the next three years this support will enable us to build on our existing programs and promote our innovative model of supporting children and youth to stakeholders in Zambia and around the world. Under this project, we will also be establishing the first Lubuto library outside of Lusaka, in a rural area in Zambia's Southern Province.

The Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA)

 granted Lubuto nearly $150,000 to support building the evidence base and advocating for innovative, sustainable and effective strategies for ensuring access to high quality educational services and support to marginalized and vulnerable children and youth in Africa. Our activities under the grant focus on documenting, assessing and sharing the outcomes and impact of the Lubuto model.

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development 

A Lubuto innovation is among 32 winners of an All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development grant, made possible through the generous support of the All Children Reading Founding Partners: the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), World Vision and the Australian Agency for International Development. The competition to create innovative solutions to improve early grade reading in the developing world elicited more than 450 submissions from more than 75 countries. Lubuto's winning proposal,"LubutoLiteracy: Zambian teaching and learning materials for the digital age," is funded by World Vision.