Features Overview

Lubuto Impact

Lubuto Library Partnership has a proven track record of success.  LLP has built culturally appropriate libraries and library collections, provided excellent resources and guidance, advocated for and help children to receive an education, fought AIDS, and developed new innovative programs.  These actions have had a great impact and improved the lives of children in sub-Saharan Africa.


Fighting Aids with pepfar/dreams

With the DREAMS support Lubuto has developed a scholarship programs that provides financial support for tuition, uniforms, and textbooks, enabling girls facing financial hardships to stay enrolled in school.  We have also developed several different kinds of mentoring programs to tackle specific problems and resources for people seeking information about AIDS and reproductive health.  In addition, we have developed family literacy programs and outreach programs to increase the numbers of people Lubuto can reach.


developing relevant collections

In sub-Saharan Africa, Lubuto is unique in providing comprehensive library collections of expertly selected and organized children's books. With the guidance of professional children’s librarians, gifts of books from corporations, publishers and individuals are cataloged by volunteers and shipped as a self-ready collection. On delivery, a complete 4,000-volume children’s library is available, organized according to the Lubuto Classification System.


Lubuto programs

Lubuto libraries serve as safe havens and are the center for dynamic library programming spanning sectors, including health, education, OVC support, arts and culture, and technology, with a particular emphasis placed on programming that responds to the needs of the most vulnerable.  These holistic programs are very popular and young people and adults from every level of society can participate.  Each Lubuto library host organization can choose among the range of programming designed by LLP to find those that would be most sustainable and in demand by their users and community.