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Lusaka, Zambia positions

External Evaluator (Consultancy) 

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Summary: External Summative Evaluation of the Comic Relief-OSISA funded “Improving access to quality education in Zambia through the Lubuto Library Model.” 


Lubuto Library Partners, Inc. is an innovative development organization that builds the capacity of public libraries to create opportunities for equitable education and poverty reduction. Its mission is to enlighten and enrich the lives of children and youth in sub-Saharan Africa, especially those not in school and highly vulnerable.

Beginning in Zambia, Lubuto constructs enduring, indigenously-styled open-access library compounds, stocked with comprehensive collections of well-chosen books and appropriate technology. These libraries serve as safe havens and are the center for Lubuto’s programs, which offer education, psychosocial support and self-expression through reading, music, art, drama, computers, mentoring and other activities.

Established as a formal organization in 2005, LLP observed a decade of innovative operations and leadership in the library profession in 2015.   Throughout its existence the organization has maintained its focus because it is guided and staffed by library professionals, with deep experience in Southern Africa.  Because LLP’s work is unique in Africa, there has from inception been strong interest in measuring and understanding the wide and diverse impacts that professionally-designed child-youth library services have, on their beneficiaries and on society as a whole.  This interest is not only central to LLP leadership but to the library profession worldwide. 

OSISA and Comic Relief have been critical and fundamental partners in this effort.  A 2012 grant from OSISA’s Education Programme, “The Lubuto Library model: Evaluating and advocating for innovation in education,” supported LLP in laying the groundwork for evaluating and advocating for innovative youth public library services from the perspective of their educational impacts, focused on three key results:

     1. Provide open access to child-friendly, culture-specific and well-equipped learning environments.

     2. Support holistic development and empowerment of vulnerable children and youth.

     3. Increase capacity of communities and educators to provide quality educational services and support to children and youth.

During that first OSISA grant period, Comic Relief approached OSISA for references to effective advocacy projects OSISA is funding that Comic Relief could support in scaling their operations.  Concept papers and full proposals were then submitted for board approval first to OSISA and then to Comic Relief for a three-year project, “Improving access to quality education in Zambia through the Lubuto Library Model.”  The project was approved for three years of Comic Relief funding to OSISA to support LLP’s implementation with complementary annual funding (if approved in years 2 and 3) from OSISA.  Comic Relief provided support in year one for a “formative evaluation” of the LLP organization and “capacity assessments” of library host partners, but no measures of impact or effectiveness of LLP’s model or activities.  Now, in the third year of the Comic Relief-OSISA project, LLP seeks to go beyond reporting on successful achievement of project objectives and targets with an evaluative analysis of the significant quantitative and qualitative measures collected through these projects, with the goal of more clearly defining and articulating the wide-ranging benefits of LLP’s model of library services to young people in Zambia.  

Key Evaluation Questions:

     1.     Does the model meet the goals of the variety of partners (Lubuto, Government, donors)?

     2.     What outcomes have been observed as a result of the model?

Objectives of the Consultancy:

  • draw on data collected during the grant to develop an analytical framework that maps out the model's longer term impacts and suggest ways that they could be measured.
  • determine the extent to which the objectives set out at the beginning of the grant have been met.

Tasks of the Consultant:

  • analyze the appropriateness, effectiveness and coherence of the various elements of the Lubuto Library model and assess its potential for replication and scale-up
  • assess the impact of Lubuto Libraries and their programs and services on empowerment, knowledge and skills of vulnerable children and youth.
  • assess the effectiveness of the model in reaching LLP's priority target groups.
  • characterize beneficiaries of the model beyond participants in formal library programs (such as age, gender, school status, vulnerability, handicap, responsibilities) and assess the project's significance and respect to these characteristics 
  • describe the extent to which the lives of people who do not directly benefit from library services are impacted, e.g. parents, caregivers, friends and siblings, teachers
  • provide insights/recommendations where applicable for modification and/or strengthening of the Lubuto Library model and its implementation

Datasets Available for Analysis:

The evaluation will consist of the review and analysis of data collected during the course of the CR-OSISA funded project. It will draw on the following information sets to provide an assessment of the impact of the libraries on its users and their communities:

  • Library use and program participation beneficiary database
  • Beneficiary and community focus group (and other) discussions
  • "Voices of Lubuto" and other individual beneficiary statements
  • Observations of library staff, volunteer and visitor documented in blogs, reports, websites (e.g., GreatNonprofits reviews) and other statements
  • Photographs and films
  • Analysis of Lubuto collection usage data from a Comic Relief-supported research project

Additionally, the Consultant will research and use publicly available data such as census data and results of surveys done by other government departments, the UN and NGOs.

Expected Outputs/Deliverables:

The expected outputs from the Consultant are:

  • A methodology and work-plan outlining the program of work of this Consultancy 
  • A presentation on the preliminary findings of the evaluation
  • A draft evaluation report sent to LLP management for comments and feedback
  • A report on the requirements and potential benefits of scaling up the Lubuto model
  • A presentation to LLP management staff on the findings and recommendations of the evaluation
  • A final evaluation report 


May to June 2017. The evaluation and all expected outputs must be finalized within 90 days of signing the contract. 

Consultant's Qualifications:

The consultant or team of consultants shall have:

  • Advanced degree in the social sciences; 
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills;
  • Experience conducting similar evaluations in Zambia, specifically addressing issues of marginalized populations such as children and women, and capacity strengthening; 
  • Deep knowledge of the Zambian socio-political context;
  • An understanding of international public library services and standards, especially for children and youth.

Application procedure:

Please send a cover letter, CV (all CVs if a team is proposed) and daily rate to with the subject header: LLP External Evaluation, no later than 7th June 2017.

Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates only will be contacted and your CV will not be returned.

Washington DC positions

Director of Business development

About the position:

The Director of Business Development, based in Washington DC, is responsible for identifying grant opportunities that are aligned with Lubuto's mission, including as a cooperating partner subcontractor. The Director will prepare related proposals, in coordination with other Lubuto staff. The Director will also work with Lubuto's President and other Board members, in developing and managing Lubuto's major gifts program.


The successful candidate will be a dynamic and optimistic professional who:

  • Embraces the mission of Lubuto Library Partners.
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal and writing skills.
  • Has a solid understanding of the funding mechanisms and grant processes of USAID and other internationally focused and Lubuto-relevant funding organizations.
  • Is familiar with international development contractors and their partnership engagements.
  • Displays knowledge and experience in relevant areas of grant development.
  • Possesses the skills to work with and motivate staff, Board members and volunteers.
  • Is a “self-starter,” driven to develop and maintain network relationships.
  • Organizes and leads efforts, and consistently “follows through” on tasks and goals.
  • Displays a positive attitude, shows concern for people and community, and demonstrates presence, self-confidence, common sense and good listening ability.
  • Cares deeply about advancing the educational status and rights of young people in substantially disadvantaged communities globally.
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree.
  • Possesses at least 1 year of relevant professional experience.

Key position responsibilities:

  • Identify and follow-up on grant opportunities relevant to Lubuto's mission and capacity, including research, proposal writing, and reporting requirements.
  • Work with Lubuto's President to develop a major gifts program, including identification, cultivation and solicitation of major donors.
  • Conduct prospect research.
  • Work closely with Lubuto’s President and Founder, and the Board of Directors, on strategy and outreach.
  • Make public appearances/accept speaking engagements to share information about Lubuto with the donor, stakeholder and beneficiary communities.
  • Coordinate Board Development Committee meetings.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct at all times.
  • Perform other related duties, as requested.


Competitive/commensurate with experience and other qualifications.


E-mail letter of interest with résumé to with the subject header: LLP Business Development Director.  This position will remain open until filled by a qualified candidate.

Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.