We are committed to building strong collections of excellent books for the street children, orphans and other vulnerable African children that use Lubuto libraries. Our collection development policies and guidelines are for internal use because they apply to our specific users and the very particular systems, services and policies of Lubuto libraries.

However, we are grateful that many schools and other organizations and individuals are interested in collecting donated books for Lubuto collections, knowing that our careful selection and collection-building policies guarantee that the materials we send are relevant and will be well-used. We also feel that the process of collecting and donating books that are in-scope requires that the donor understands who we’re serving and what their circumstances are, creating a more tangible connection with those they are helping and making that charitable act more meaningful.

If you would like to collect or donate books for Lubuto collections, we ask that you follow these guidelines for the types of books we will include in Lubuto libraries. The guidelines specifically pertain to what is relevant to users of Lubuto libraries, taking into consideration the wide range of competencies and circumstances of our users, the fact that books to not circulate but are used only in the libraries, and other factors that define these guidelines very specifically. For that reason, it is not recommended that they be used as a guide for building other library collections in Africa.

Groups or individuals who are donating books for Lubuto collections are welcome and encouraged to use these copyrighted guidelines for that purpose. To request permission for other uses, contact webmail@lubuto.org. Use of the “Guidelines for Donating Books for Lubuto Library Collections” will be granted only with express acknowledgement that they were developed by Lubuto Library Partners.