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Students at the Edmund Burke School in Washington, D.C. formed a Lubuto library club as part of their community service. The club has organized book drives, helped with fundraisers, and meets weekly, helping to select, sort, and prepare books for assembly into Lubuto Library Collections.

Burke Students

In the process, students establish a direct link with the street kids who will use the libraries.

What Students Say About Lubuto

Students who are involved with Lubuto Libary Partners are deeply moved to connect with and help their peers in Africa. Here is what some of them have to say:

Joto Junior High School, Ota City, Japan:
Each year, Joto JHS organizes a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS and the people affected by HIV/AIDS. In Japan, there is a fundraising event called GO-EN Dama. This fundraiser asks students to bring in as many 5 yen (approx 5 cents) coins as they can in a week... The written characters for "goen" in the Japanese language mean "a strong connection between people." ...[B]y raising money using five yen coins ... the Japanese students feel as though they are helping financially as well as creating a special connection spritually with people infected with or [affected] by HIV/AIDS."

Read the entire letter (pdf)

Green Acres School, Rockville, MD:
Henry Meyers:“… it gives me a way to contribute to making the world a better place – and allows me to understand how my actions are directly helping others.”

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Michael Borababy: “The thing that impressed me most was the drive and determination that the Meyers’ have shown for this project.”

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Edmund Burke School, Washington, D.C.:
/ Gabe Loewinger:

“I realized while I may complain when I am assigned to read 50 pages in a night, so many children, who do not have the opportunity to go to school, line up for hours just to graze through the books in a Lubuto Library.”

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Schools Program

In order to educate U.S. school children about the impact that AIDS has had on their sub-Saharan African peers, Lubuto Library Partners has developed a program for middle and high school students. Learning about the situation of orphans and vulnerable children is reinforced as school students sort, select and classify books that will become Lubuto collections. Adult volunteers oversee the students’ activities, and volunteer librarians provide instruction in selecting and organizing the books. To guide the volunteers and help them know more about the children they are helping, we produced a short video on the Project, narrated by highly respected educator and civil rights leader Julian Bond (see Kids Just Like You, below).

To date, U.S. high school students have collected over 6,500 books, 3,000 of which were included in our first library in Lusaka, Zambia. Those books not usable were donated elsewhere, including a large donation to singer Faith Hill's efforts to provide reading materials to children in Mississippi displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Read What the Students Think

Kids Just Like You

Kids like you

The movie "Kids Just Like You" was produced by Lubuto Library Partners for use in high schools and middle schools in the U.S. and Canada, to support our creation of libraries for street kids and other orphans and vulnerable children in sub-Sahara Africa, and to raise awareness of the affect of HIV-AIDS on young people in Africa. Narrated by the incomparable Julian Bond, the 10-minute film features scenes of street kids in Zambia along with students from Edmund Burke and Green Acres Schools in the Washington, D.C. Kids Just Like You also includes interviews of distinguished Lubuto Advisory Board member, Mulenga Kapwepwe and former U.S. Ambassador to Zambia, Arlene Render.

To preview the film, please watch the version that we are making available on our web site by clicking below. This web version is for previewing only, but we are happy to send you a DVD copy of projection quality. Please contact us with your name and mailing address to request a DVD copy.

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