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Boy at Mumuni Library

Lubuto Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Ten years ago, Lubuto Library Partners (then known as the Lubuto Library Project) was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization. Jane had gotten involved with Fountain of Hope drop-in center in Lusaka in 1998 and was very moved by her experiences there. She spent extensive time reading to, getting to know, and advocating for the center’s children—most of whom were affected by HIV/AIDS, out-of-school and living on the streets — and served on its board. The opening of the first Lubuto library at Fountain of Hope in 2007 was the product of years of collaboration and groundwork. From working with children, staff and local community members over a period of years, Jane realized that the library profession provides approaches that could address the myriad needs of these marginalized young people and help them re-enter and thrive in society.

The creation of the Lubuto Library Project in 2005 was largely a testament to partnerships developed with professionals and local stakeholders—particularly Jane’s fortuitous engagement with architect Eleni Coromvli. Eleni’s designs perfectly support youth programs and services while also providing fun and welcoming environments. Anyone who has visited a Lubuto library will confirm that the spaces are well used and are always full of life.

Over the past ten years, we have constructed three libraries—Fountain of Hope, Ngwerere and Mumuni—in both urban and rural areas, and we are currently erecting a fourth Lubuto library in peri-urban Lusaka West. The libraries continue to grow, reaching out to more young people and demographics with a diversity of programs and services. They offer a combination of literacy, mentoring, arts, music, technology, drama and teen programs that adapt and evolve to fit individual libraries’ needs. Lubuto receives key government, local, professional and international support. Our proudest accomplishment to date is that the thousands of children and youth who visit the libraries almost always come back, many coming to Lubuto libraries every chance they get. Thrilled and humbled by this dramatic impact, Lubuto continues to attract the energies of talented professionals who will carry on with this important work.

Thomas Mukonde’s graduate school fundraising campaign

We have reached our $10,060 goal to fund Thomas’ second and final year in the MLIS program at the University of Illinois! Thank you to everyone who has contributed for your very generous support! You are helping to cultivate the next generation of leaders in Zambia. Thomas’ passion and enthusiasm for working with children and youth is palpable, and through his Masters program he is developing a toolkit to effectively address the myriad needs of young people in Africa. After completing his program, he will return to Zambia to lead Lubuto’s efforts forward!

American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) grant for fourth Lubuto library

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